I am a mature, single, semi-tired professional with no pets and no vices other than chocolate. As a therapist and clinical social work, I have spent my life being entrusted with people's deepest wounds and darkest secrets. I have worked with dying patients and persons who were seriously mentally ill. I have worked with vulnerable popuIations and held fragile lives in my hands. In the same way that I valued each and every one, I promise to value your home, your lands, and your precious pets.


You may be wondering why someone with my background is interested in housesitting. Actually, I first discovered it some years back as a cost-effective means of temporary housing between graduate school and returning to the world of work. It is a great vehicle for adventurous people; those who wish to see the world and live their lives to the fullest without the thickest of pocketbooks. For me, it is part of a strategy to simplify my life and see the world on a limited income while looking for a more permanent place to retire.


One of the reasons I'm looking to simplify my life and live cheaply is because I am transitioning into being a full-time writer, as well starting up a home-based business and consulting firm. I have several books in the making at this time: a non-fiction on communication skills, a series on indoor air pollution and environmental illness, a sexual healing manuel, and several novels. My first fiction, part one of a trilogy, was released November 2006, and I have been working on the followups ever since! 

As you can probably tell from my background, I am also deeply interested in indigenous spiritual traditions, as well as art, dance, and gardening. I am deeply concerned about the earth, with interests in sustainable living and deep ecology. I hold a certification in Permaculture Landscape Design, with additional training in herbology and tree care. I always set up an alter wherever I go and I give thanks and meditate every day.


One of my goals is to find beautiful and peaceful places to connect with the earth and work on my health, so I may continue into my golden years the best I can be. Another goal is to find the perfect piece of land on which to build my eco-dream, have one or more dogs and cats, and garden to my heart's content.